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Week #14 Update
Published on 13-05-2017

Hello All,


Welcome, all new members. Here our weekly routine small update from MEH team.


We had grown to 13,000++ members
We had paid over $10,800++ since 7 Feb 2017


We do not have the huge earning to offer
We may not have the big promises
We do not have the hype that others looking for
We are not some giant advertising platform




We have great loyal members supporting us
We have affordable advertising for everyone
We have ways for you to earn have FREE advertising
We have awesome tools too!






That's all for this week. Drop us a ticket(Only English please........) if got question.




Check out our Monthly offer


Monthly Promo Pack (May) - $5.00
3000 Paid To Click Credits
100000 Banner Ad Credits



A lot of members are asking for a deposit bonus. Unfortunately, we are not going to have that now or coming months. Grab our "Revenue Share Pack" for that already bonus up to 20% for your advertising purposes AND we have the best add-on advertising price in this industry!


Join the rest at our FB group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/myextremehits/



Week #13 Update
Published on 06-05-2017

Hello All,


Firstly let's welcome all new members to MyExtremeHits!... We enter our Week #13!


3 Months running the journey had been smooth so far.


We had been adding many ways for members to earn extra income and earn free advertising and now AGAIN we came out with a simple portfolio builder for members to use for FREE.


You can promote up to 5 of your favourite programs it acts like and splash page to promote your other programs the portfolio also attach with your MEH referral links.


Super simple way to create, go to http://www.myextremehits.com/index.php?view=account&page=downline_builder at your member dashboard just add 468x60 banners URL and your Ref link... That's it!


On top of that don't forget to add your forum avatar as it will be in your portfolio as well.


Why did we add this portfolio for all members?


- We know members have more than 5 programs that they are in and we believe in diversify your online income too!


- This will help you brand yourself with your face/avatar( Simple, no hosting, no monthly sub!)


- Definitely, this will help MEH family grow aswell while promoting your other fav programs you are getting yourself direct referral that will get yourself all the benefits below.


Up to 3% of your referral deposit

Up to 15% of your referrals advertising purchase

Up to 100% from your referral click

20% commission of your referral claim from our Xapo Faucet

$1 upgrade commissions

Opportunity to win cool prizes from our Daily, Weekly and Monthly referral contest!nd Monthly referral contest!


As usual, it's weekend. Enjoy your time with your loved ones. We wish everyone had a blast weekend!


MEH Support
FB Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/myextremehits/
MEH Portfolio Sample - http://www.myextremehits.com/dbuilder.php?pid=1

Monthly Update May
Published on 01-05-2017

Hello All,


Welcome, all new members we are in Month of May!


First of all, we would like to say BIG thanks to those who had been supporting us. We will not go this far without all your support.


We had passed the stage on where people will say will we be paying, is it trusted, is it sustainable etc....


Now is the stage where people will say ahh it's 3month am worry it's too late, they paying so low, etc....


What I am trying to say here whatever is it there is always a negative response when you are promoting MMO (Money Making Opportunities) be it how great the platform, how the HYPE is created, how sustainable it, who runs it not matter you will face negative and that one the reason 95% of MMO failed!


Bottom line it's all of us that matter, not the people who are not in yet. We believe in our product, we believe in the structure we join and never look back and make this thing works. At the end of the day, it's us who build this together that will enjoy the rewards.


MyExtremeHits build to focus on selling advertising for the feature that gives the members opportunity to make money is base on what we can afford to give. We are not built for you to get rich or anything similar. With proper strategy, building your team and guidance from your upline BIG possibilities to create you a stable income or your own advertising home.


So many ways we give the opportunities for members to earn FREE advertising, passive income and residual income. Spreading your link alone you could be making a residual monthly income from your downline upgrade and we have one of the best rewards out there 15% commission on your downline add-on advertising purchases.


Our AdPack shareholder had their 2nd round those who decide to withdraw, 70% of them decided to put back, those who had been compounding are continuing with stacking their pack. on the last changes, we had for the withdrawal x3 of deposit we do lose some members due to they had withdrawn way more than that and not willing to deposit back but we glad some of them came back after seeing that it actually will benefit them and their downline.


When we layout all the earning opportunities we take in mind for its sustainability not just for hype and not just give false hope to members. As long we got sales, we got the support from members, we will be paying for a long time.


That's all and check out our May Monthly Offer for $5 you will get 3000 PTC credits and 100k banner credits!


Han Mohammad

Week #12 Update
Published on 29-04-2017

Hello All,


Another week had passed and we are in our week 12!


Firstly let us welcome all our new members to MyExtremeHits. Do not hesitate to ask a question and mixing around with other members you can do so at our Forum and or our Facebook Group.


Here a quick recapped of the latest updates.


A new way to advertise and earn some cash and free advertising.


The Lucky box just like any other adgrid in the market instead of clicking on the small box you are clicking on a bigger box and opportunity to earn free advertising credits on top of cash!


Remember, a lot of other ways you can earn free advertising credits, purchased balance, CASH and FREE bitcoin every 15 mins! Spending a little over 30mins a day will give you lots of benefits in MyExtremeHits!


Like any other money making opportunities out there the core business is a platform is generating sales, therefore we offer handsome rewards to those active spreading your referral link.


Up to 3% of your referral deposit

Up to 15% of your referrals advertising purchase

Up to 100% from your referral click

20% commission of your referral claim from our Xapo Faucet

$1 upgrade commissions


Opportunity to win cool prizes from our Daily, Weekly and Monthly referral contest!nd Monthly referral contest!




Special Monthly Promo Pack Ending Soon


Grab it while it last for $15 you will get 10000 Paid To Click Credits and 2 Direct Referrals


That all we wish everyone had a superb marvellous weekend with friends and family



New Way to advertise and Earn cash and Free advertising!
Published on 26-04-2017

Hello All,



New game for members to win some prizes play lucky box daily. View ads and win advertising credits and cash of up to $5!



Depending on your membership, the number of a chance varies you able to view ads and win advertising and cash!



Standard - 30 chance

Extreme Members - 50 chance

Super Extreme - 100 chance



You can earn advertising credits and cash of up to $5!


Test your luck http://www.myextremehits.com/index.php?view=luckybox



Advertiser can advertise at super cheap price

Price Days
$8 30
$5 15
$1 2
.50 1

Unlimited number of view per day


Start advertising http://www.myextremehits.com/index.php?view=luckybox



Do not miss our Special Promo April pack ending in 5 days!


For $15 you get 10000 Paid To Click Credits & 2 Direct Referrals




MEH Support